Barre at the bar is back baby...

Following the success of past (sold out) Barre At The Bar, The Flying Cock have teamed up with SoBā to host a class that combines Frosé, pilates, ballet and yoga. Using isometric movements with the power of music and the lure of frozen rosé to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability.

Experienced instructors have worked their musical magic  and curated every song to every sip. Whether you have bent over with barre for years or this being your first, the class will cater for all. 

For just $20 per person (including a glass of Frosé and mat), the good people of Brisbane can treat themselves to Barre at the Bar on the evening of Thursday, August 30. Spaces are limited, so bookings are highly encouraged. Class begins at 6:30 pm sharp!

SoBā is an initiative for clean movement and a clear mind.

The class will start at the barre/bar of The Flying Cock, completing squats, plies and leg extensions then we will make our way to the mat - toning muscle for the summer bod we’ve been talking about. The class then eases into frozen sips and stretches completing it all with a guided relaxation.

Healthy eating options are available from The Coop Bistro immediately after the class for anyone that has worked up an appetite during the class.